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(no subject)
Aww, I want another anon secret/whatever post.
Comment this anon with whatever you want to say to me, or anyone in general?
I'mstallinguntilIgetto200posts. :D

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you're realllllllllllly cute

I feel like a creep but you look really, really familiar!

o: Were you on UMCRS a while back?

Yeah for a little bit, omgg now I remember you haha. I'm Karli obv, not the batman one, but Kirsten's friend.

i think we'll be good friends.

what is the most romantic thing you have ever seen - in real life or otherwise?

I use these to describe what I have yet to discover for myself.


Your site is very pink.

It hurts my eyes.

kimmy, this is NOT A TEST.

c: add me.

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